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by PaulPlays at 2:32 AM
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Heyo! To keep the server fair, the server will receive balance changes every now and then!
This update only consists of ability changes:

- Leap was nerfed by 50%, Cooldown changed to 45 seconds (from 35)| For it being the starter ability, it allowed people to escape out of combat too easily.

- Bow Boost now gives Speed III, Cooldown changed to 50 seconds (from 120) | Bow Boost wasn't really a worth-it investment before the update, but now it gives great perks for the value.

- Splinter Cooldown changed to 180 seconds (from 80) | This ability was too powerful to have such a short cooldown.

- Lowered Dragon Disguise Damage by 80%, Cooldown changed to | A misconfiguration was found that dealt an insane amount of damage to players. This has now been fixed.

- EarthQuake, FireStorm, & GraveYard were added to the game and the store for $10. (Or winnable in EPIC crates.)

P.S. It's my birthday :D
by PaulPlays at 9:23 PM
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We've come a long way since the very beginning, but we've also lost a lot.

This thread is not to point out the failure that has been presented in the past months, yet I will admit it was one of the biggest failures we've had in the existence of MineRoyale

I think it's time to come back to the roots of MineRoyale and go with a Castle Wars renovation.

With that being said, here's what you can expect:
- Removal of Prison indefinitely

- Project Planning

- New Abilities and Ability System.
- Cleaner Tutorial System
- New Types of Goblins
a. Huts / Spawners
b. Much More Agressive Goblins
c. Generally new goblins from Clash of Clans
- Prison Style of Voting / Crates
- Warp GUI
- AuctionHouse instead of old auction system
- Mob Stacker
- King Of The Hill
- Randomized Loot & Loot Tier Chests
- Goblin Defense Renovation
* Might be added
- Moon PvP
- Goblin Escape
- Objectives / Achievements

Have an idea? We'd love to hear it. Post...
by PaulPlays at 4:29 PM
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Just a quick update.

TheCraftoholic has retired and is no longer a part of MineRoyale.

Here is his official statement:

Hello MineRoyale Community,

I'm here to inform the community, that I will be retiring. Let me just start out by saying that partaking in MineRoyale has been a blast for me. I have enjoyed engaging with all players and staff. Although we have faced some issues with bugs, and such, overall I don't regret a moment on MineRoyale.

I understand that some players don't like me, but just know that while I was an owner on MineRoyale, I did my absolute best, to provide an enjoyable community for all.

I'd like to thank all the staff for being very mature and helpful. Our helpers (Louis/Solar) have done a great job, helping new members/old members of the MineRoyale community. "LtsGena" I know you left the staff team but I just want to say, you were also a great staff member. I'd like to say that I think OhhGlazey deserves a staff position, I have received a lot of...
by TheCraftOholic at 10:21 PM
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Recently GTA/Castle Wars was bugged out! Some people lost a few things/ranks, some people lost nothing!

Please private msg me anything that you are missing, I personally will return it to you, and I will check logs to make sure you actually did loose it in the bug take over.



(notice: any lie about what you had taken will be automatic network ban)
by PaulPlays at 7:23 PM
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For players who are requesting for their ranks from Castle Wars (Old server) to move to Verruckt Prison,
this is the process on how to do so.

IMPORTANT: This rank transfer is permanent! If you do so, you will not have your rank on Castle Wars when the new version comes out, and this rank will not be transferable back to Castle Wars!

Rank Transfer:

#Note: We check to ensure you have the rank through purchase history. Trying to scam may get your forum account banned for Fraud.

Leave a comment with the format:

Rank: (This is the rank you want to be transferred over)

Username: (At time of purchase)

Username 2: (Current Username)

Do you agree? (You must agree that you know this is permanent, and can never be undone, even if the server shuts down at any point.)

If you are owed a voucher, message AncientWolf (me) in-game or on skype at: IHazSugar
by TheCraftOholic at 6:41 PM
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WHY is Verruckt not released yet?

I am sure as you are reading this, you are thinking, ".... really a new owner is added and Sugar still cannot get the server done on time...", Well I am here to say that this was not Sugars fault. As you all know Verruckt Prison is going to be a very unique prison. When adding custom/never done before things to a Minecraft server, unexpected things will happen. Some good and some bad. But I myself am one whom shoots for perfection. All this being said, I did not want to release Verruckt Prison today because I really want Verruckt Prison to be perfect for you guys! I do apologies for anyone who planned on playing Verruckt Prison today. But I can promise you right now that this Friday, Verruckt Prison will be released! I hope to see all MineRoyale users online for the GRAND OPENING and I would deeply appreciate it if everyone who is reading this helped create a "Hype" for this custom game mode! Get the word out! This is going to be...
by PaulPlays at 3:06 AM
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You guys already knew it was coming. We are delaying until December 4, 20120. A wild rhino came in my room and broke my arm, then deleted the server. So, we are restarting the entire server and renaming the server "RhinoMC."

Alright, but for real the server will be delayed until tomorrow, February fifth. Craft yelled at me and took away my candy, so we are both working very very hard. (Meaning I got a total of 12 hours of sleep this week.) I've also put a lot of stress on our developers, which I really don't want to create, so I am giving them more time to fix bugs and issues.

Please leave your hate comments below, thanks.
Also, I would like more memes about late delivery times, thanks.

- MR Team


What color hair should Julia, our A.I bot have?
by TheCraftOholic at 1:11 AM
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My minecraft name is TheCraftohlic, or Craft. I am proud to announce my ownership/partnership in MineRoyale and even more pleased to do everything I can to provide the best experience as possible for all users! Me and IHazSugar are now partners and own the server together! We are currently working super hard on "Verruckt Prison". I cannot wait to get to know everyone. I am even more pleased to play Verruckt Prison with everyone!

About Me:

My nickname is Craft, and I love minecraft! Something I really enjoy is interacting with the community and doing what I can to make us the best community!

My Goal:
I promise to make sure our network provides a different and EPIC experience. I hope to grow our network and make sure all our game-modes are super fun! All I ask is you have fun!
by PaulPlays at 11:30 PM
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Hello. Scheduled for Saturday 2:30 PM EST (January 28th) is the official release of Verruckt Prison. A team of 11 people, including myself has been working very hard to perfect everything about this. This has been the most expensive project I have ever invested in, and am very excited to be able to release and present this to you.

Verruckt Prison is based on what used to be the world's largest Prison Network (Yes, network. They were so big they had to have 9 separate servers just to prevent lag!) PrisonTech. (TechG3eks) The server didn't die due to lack of interest, instead, their IP was blocked by AT&T (unknown why) and the owner lost interest in Minecraft and shut it down. The server would be outdated by today's standards, which is why we are updating it extensively to be new and improved. With this in mind, we still are keeping many of the core elements, such as the map layout, guards, many PvP zones, classic OG prison.

Sounds, OK, right? What about the updates to make it...
by PaulPlays at 9:20 PM
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Hey everyone! For the sake of staying on topic, PLEASE no questions regarding how to the server is going / new features / anything else off topic! Anyone who does will receive a warning! Thanks!

Many people, including myself believe that the current store ranks are too overpowered. This is mostly for the top of the ladder. (Infinity and unstoppable). We want to give awesome features to players who decide to purchase these ranks, but in giving crazy strong items in the kit, it prevents any non-ranked player from having any chance in PvP.

I need some ideas to add to the ranks kit and features. A few things I've thought of as possibilities are lowering the protection in the armor by one, and only giving one set OR slightly nerfing the kit but increasing the cooldown. In return give more features such as a special ability, crate keys, money multipliers (Ex: 50% more money), cosmetic items [Particle capes, Arrow trails, particle effects, etc] and for the highest rank ability...