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Infunix's Helper Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Infunix, Aug 9, 2017.


Do you believe this user qualifies and meets all expectations to become a Helper?

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  1. Infunix

    Infunix Member

    Nov 2, 2016
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    What's your first name?

    What's your in-game username?

    Answer the following:

    Do you have both Skype & Discord, and own a useable mic?


    Have you read the rules? http://mineroyale.net/forum/threads/mineroyale-website-and-server-rules.76/

    How old are you?

    Tell us about yourself.
    First of all, I love playing games on PlayStation and computer. I play mostly 3 games, Minecraft, cs: go and rocket league. But most of the time whenever I'm on I'm on Minecraft. The only server I play on is Mineroyale right now because there are no other good servers like this. I also never have to get off the computer much, unless I have to do something atm. .I have also seen that I am 1 year younger than the age limit, and I read that there are very rare exceptions so I might as well try. I am sometimes obnoxious in chat, and not being mature but I can be very mature at times if I try to, and yes if I get helper than I will always be mature in chat.

    How long have you played the server?
    For about 2-3 years, which was when there was sugar realms.

    Do you have experience as being staff?
    No, I have no real experience of being staff on servers that have a constant amount of players on. I have been a mod on servers that have had about 5 players on at least at all times. I also have some knowledge from watching KingLouis_CLXXII and what he does in chat. In the past, I have also watched much other staff such has jharmen, snipergun1, etc.

    What languages are you able to speak/understand?

    What is your time zone? If this is unknown, enter your country

    When can you be on the server? (Name every day of the week, and the times you can be on)
    Sunday- 4-6 hours.

    Monday- 3-5 hours.

    Tuesday-3-5 hours.

    Wednesday-3-5 hours.

    Thursday-3-5 hours.

    Friday-5-7 hours.

    Saturday- 6-7 hours (I can be on longer if I decide to)

    I am starting school on the 16th of August, and these times will not be changed. I may just be on at a later time.

    Why are you interested in becoming a staff member?
    I am interested in becoming a staff, because this is basically the only server that I am playing on at the moment, and will probably be the only one for awhile. I also really like this server, it's fun, and sometimes it can be challenging. I want to be a big part of the great community on clash royale. I also love helping out with the problems the people have, such as if they are new to the server, or just basic problems. I have also noticed that there are quite a few of people bypassing in chat and that it gets handled pretty well by the other staff, but I could always be there to help out more. I am also always welcoming new players that have just joined the server.

    Do you have any skills or weaknesses that you know of?
    I have a few skills that I can think of at the moment. The first skill I have on this server is modding chat because I have learned from a lot of staff of how to do it. One more skill I have is helping players out, I love helping new players out on the server and even players who have been here for a while. I will help anyone that asks for help. I also am very good at listening to staff that are higher ranks than me and lower ranks than me. I have a couple of weaknesses and one of them is catching hackers. I can easily fix this by practicing a little bit and becoming for aware on how to catch them. Now that the MPS bot is on our side, that should help out a bit too.

    1. Three players need help, and no other staff members are online. One player is a donator, the other is a new player, and the last one is an average player. How would you handle the situation and why would you do it that way?

    First of all, I would go to the new player cause he doesn't have much of an idea of what he is doing. I would help him and tell him if he needs anything else just ask. Then I would move to the donator because he has donated to the server and deserves it a little bit more than the "Average" player. I would then go to the Average player and I would help him on what he needs.

    2. A new player spams you at a ridiculous, and ANNOYING rate with simple, easy questions. How do you handle the situation, and why that way?
    I would answer as much as I can before I simply just tell them to type /help and if he has any questions that he can not find ask me. If he keeps spamming questions on purpose, then I would give him a warning for spam.

    If you could change one thing about our server, what would it be and how would you fix it?
    I would make it so IG's do not stack whenever they drop because that ruins it and makes it a lower drop rate. This is the end of my application thanks for reading it. :)
  2. LouisDaBoss

    LouisDaBoss Member

    Jul 13, 2016
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    Nice but dont put spaces in between the times you can be on to make it seem longer
  3. Infunix

    Infunix Member

    Nov 2, 2016
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    Alright, thanks!
  4. Buddah

    Buddah New Member

    Dec 18, 2016
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    I Think its great! but as louis said i think you should not put spaces.