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MineRoyale - The Future's Holdings

Discussion in 'Server News' started by AncientWolf, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. AncientWolf

    AncientWolf Member Owner

    We've come a long way since the very beginning, but we've also lost a lot.

    This thread is not to point out the failure that has been presented in the past months, yet I will admit it was one of the biggest failures we've had in the existence of MineRoyale

    I think it's time to come back to the roots of MineRoyale and go with a Castle Wars renovation.

    With that being said, here's what you can expect:
    - Removal of Prison indefinitely

    - Project Planning

    - New Abilities and Ability System.
    - Cleaner Tutorial System
    - New Types of Goblins
    a. Huts / Spawners
    b. Much More Agressive Goblins
    c. Generally new goblins from Clash of Clans
    - Prison Style of Voting / Crates
    - Warp GUI
    - AuctionHouse instead of old auction system
    - Mob Stacker
    - King Of The Hill
    - Randomized Loot & Loot Tier Chests
    - Goblin Defense Renovation
    * Might be added
    - Moon PvP
    - Goblin Escape
    - Objectives / Achievements

    Have an idea? We'd love to hear it. Post it in the comments below!
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2017
  2. jharmen

    jharmen Well-Known Member Club Royale Duke Voting Expert

    I think this is a good decision. Having both Prison, GTA and CW made it so the people on the server were more spreaded over the different gamemodes. Thats the reason all 3 didn't have a big amount of players playing and the server was boring because people were barely online.
    By making it so you only have CW and KitPvP you will have 1 gamemode for players to nolive on and 1 gamemode for players who just want a quick phased game.

    PS: Who is still in the staff team?
  3. Alcerra

    Alcerra Member

    this is a good decision, but can we keep ranks :3?
    Custom enchants?
  4. PopTopMop

    PopTopMop Member Club Royale EMPEROR

    This makes me seriously happy, considerign it sound sliek sugarrealms i knew back then with new updates that wont ruin the game.
  5. Gboy28

    Gboy28 New Member

    Eyy So, Everyone from SoulTrqin/DarkForce/Provential, We'll all be in the same Fac. All the OGS
  6. Ilikepie7456

    Ilikepie7456 Member

    Wow. This is a bold step that I like. My main problem with it however is that I spent way too much money hoping that prison would grow. What would happen to those ranks and such I bought?
  7. jharmen

    jharmen Well-Known Member Club Royale Duke Voting Expert

    I hope Sugar gives you an opportunity to transfer your rank to CW like he did before with Prison
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 14, 2017, Original Post Date: Jun 14, 2017 ---
    DarkForce quit, we didnt enjoy the game anymore
  8. Staff is Me, Louis (I think?), Kedric (Dev), and BroGuy(Admin)
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 14, 2017, Original Post Date: Jun 14, 2017 ---
    Ideas for CW:
    -More Ranks
    -More Active Money Making, Less Grinding (Although Mob Stacker Sounds Nice)
    -Legendary/Epic/Mythical Items (Sort of like tier system)
    -Remove or Edit Julia (Sort of obnoxious seeing "Julia give me money" or "Julia whats 2+2" or other spam every other chat message)
  9. jharmen

    jharmen Well-Known Member Club Royale Duke Voting Expert

  10. Alcerra

    Alcerra Member

    julia is already gone
  11. Soprobro85

    Soprobro85 New Member

    How do I make a poll to where everyone vote's on what should go and leave the server and what should stay?
  12. jharmen

    jharmen Well-Known Member Club Royale Duke Voting Expert

    First go to
    Then click the purple button "Post new thread"
    You'll see "Thread title" and stuff like that. Scroll a bit down until you see "Post a poll"
    After finishing your poll, click "create thread" on the bottom of the page.
    **NOT the middle one, the bottom one**

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