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Prison Prison | Text Tutorial

Discussion in 'Tutorials & General Information' started by AncientWolf, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. AncientWolf

    AncientWolf Member Owner

    Going to prison can be difficult, continue reading to learn how to play.

    Verruckt is a very different type of prison than all other servers.
    One of the major differences is the Crime System

    The crime system is a way for Officers/Guards to keep track & arrest players who break the law.

    Keep in mind that breaking the law is completely allowed. It will only get you put in Solitary Confinement temporarily, and is NOT punishable by kick/mute/ban.

    Crime is displayed on the scoreboard and below your name.
    If an officer sees you with crime, they will try to arrest you. When you are arrested, contraband (Weapons & Drugs) is removed and you are placed in solitary confinement for the number of seconds of crime you have.
    The only way to stop a guard from arresting you is by fighting and killing them, or a hit and run tactic.

    You gain crime for doing various actions
    - Damaging A Player
    - Shooting A Weapon
    - Murder
    - Using Drugs
    - Using TNT
    - Using LockPicks

    Crime goes down one per second.

    Another Unique Feature is raiding other players' cells.

    Use TNT to temporarily break blocks in your way. (Only works in cells)

    Use Lockpicks to open locked chests.

    To make it harder for players to raid you, use Blocks (normal Minecraft blocks) to block players' paths to your chests.
    Use Locks to make it harder for players to lockpick your chests. There are three tiers of locks, the higher the tier, the more difficult it is to lockpick.

    The Transportation center (behind A) is where most of the prison is located.
    This can be a dangerous zone, but you are required to go in here to do most things on the server.

    The most important areas in the TC are:
    Officer's Area - Here is where Officers go to buy upgrades to keep crime low. Within here is solitary confinement.

    CourtYard - The only place on the map where you can PvP without getting crime.

    LostCity - A dangerous zone with deadly mobs and PVP enabled. In here, there are loot chests that include: Guns, Ammo, Food, Explosives, etc.

    Verruckt also has basic things like mining, ranking up, etc.

    Need help? Use /warp to find most locations and if you have a question ask "Julia, <question>" or a staff member.

    Have fun!


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