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ProGamerMuaz11's Helper Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by ProGamerMuaz11, May 23, 2017.


Do you believe this user qualifies and meets all expectations to become a Helper?

Poll closed May 30, 2017.
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  2. No

  1. ProGamerMuaz11

    ProGamerMuaz11 New Member

    What's your first name?

    What's your MPS link?

    Answer the following:

    Do you have both Skype & Discord, and own a useable mic?

    Have you read the rules? http://mineroyale.net/forum/threads/mineroyale-website-and-server-rules.76/


    How old are you?

    Tell us about yourself.
    I am a 15 year old doing IT for my GCSEs. I play minecraft a lot and when I am not playing minecraft then I go outside and play Football

    How long have you played the server?
    2 months

    Do you have experience as being staff?
    Yes, on a skyblock server called SkyBounds. I also have my very own server which I own but it is quite a small community. I have also been staff on Conspiracy Craft for a short while.

    What languages are you able to speak/understand?
    English German and Punjabi

    What is your time zone? If this is unknown, enter your country
    GMT Greenwhich Mean Time

    When can you be on the server? (Name every day of the week, and the times you can be on)
    It is possible for me to be on everyday. On weekdays timing will be 16:00-19:00. On weekends it will be 10:00-19:00. Those are the times it is possible for me to be on, not 100% that I will be on during the whole time.

    Why are you interested in becoming a staff member?
    I don't want Mod just to mess around with commands and I actually want to help people. I mean, sure being Mod would be fun, but It's also quite a difficult job that I've heard from some of the staff. The main reason why I want to be a staff member is to make sure everyone is having a fun time on this fantastic discord server. I'd hate for someone to leave all because of someone being disrespectful or disrespectful to them. I am fairly confident that I am able to handle more responsibility and take on more work. I am sure I will put myself into good use and I have good communication skills and friendship. I know how to control my anger. And I do not disband a job which I have been assigned to or dedicated to be done.

    Do you have any skills or weaknesses that you know of?
    I am patient with players and I can control my anger so if someone doesn't read what I say and they keep asking the question over and over again even though I have already answered it, I will tell them until they understand. I have no weaknesses really as I have good past experience.

    1. Three players need help, and no other staff members are online. One player is a donator, the other is a new player, and the last one is an average player. How would you handle the situation and why would you do it that way?

    2. A new player spams you at a ridiculous, and ANNOYING rate with simple, easy questions. How do you handle the situation, and why that way?

    I would help the new player first as they is new and they will need the most help and then I will move on to the average player as they would be needing more help then the donator. Then finally I would help the donator as they would know most about the server and they would understand that there are new players so they need more help than them.

    If you could change one thing about our server, what would it be and how would you fix it?
    I would make it so that you can not do /home while in the lost city become you might be in combat so it would be unfair on the person you are against. I would also make it so that anyone could use /fix as it waste your resources making a new tool or weopen.
  2. jharmen

    jharmen Well-Known Member Club Royale Duke Voting Expert

    The app is pretty good. However, I feel like it's still a bit short. Try extending it a bit.
  3. ProGamerMuaz11

    ProGamerMuaz11 New Member

    How do I extend it?
  4. Ilikepie7456

    Ilikepie7456 Member

    I checked skybounds and toy aren't a member on forums so either yoy are lying about being mod on it or I'm blind.
  5. ProGamerMuaz11

    ProGamerMuaz11 New Member

    Just because I am mod does not mean I have to have a forums account on those servers
    --- Double Post Merged, May 25, 2017, Original Post Date: May 25, 2017 ---
    And SkyBounds just accepted me recently. It takes time you know
  6. Ilikepie7456

    Ilikepie7456 Member

    No it doesn't take time. A server as big as skybounds will only accept applications through forums. That mean you have to have an account. Lies.
  7. jharmen

    jharmen Well-Known Member Club Royale Duke Voting Expert

    Ohhhhhh facts! The fear of any liar!
  8. Ilikepie7456

    Ilikepie7456 Member

    Also just more facts. Unless you can prove yourself you shouldn't even be considered...
    First no forums account onumber conspiracy craft, and skybounds.
    Second there is no such thing as IT for GCSE. The gcse's are tests. A student will not be able to be IT for tests that decided many parts of a students grade. Also it is a test for people at the end of year 11. This happens to be at age 15 most likely. Please give me evidence. I don't enjoy bring mean but this was fun.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 25, 2017 ---
    On either* not onumber.
  9. ProGamerMuaz11

    ProGamerMuaz11 New Member

    Well it is coming to the end of the year as I live in the UK. Think about time differences. I am on a study leave from school and I there is no possible way for me to show you proof that I am doing my GCSEs. And plus I haven't linked my forums accounts with my mine craft account. And it does take time as I got accepted right before I sent this staff application on both servers. I need to contact an owner on discord that I got accepted to be mod so I can get that rank in the actual game, on the forums and on the discord server and they are so busy right now with updates so they can not do it. They said they will get onto it on 15/5/17 as they have other accepted mods to sort out.
  10. Ilikepie7456

    Ilikepie7456 Member

    hmm so you aren't mod. Don't say you are when you are actually helper or lying.
  11. Owaisis_Games

    Owaisis_Games New Member

    BUSTED MUAZ!! These people know their stuff.
  12. ProGamerMuaz11

    ProGamerMuaz11 New Member

    I have been accepted so technically I am mod, but they have not given me the mod rank on the server or the discord yet as there are loads of people before me who got accepted. Do not jump straight to conclusions. Also another reason why I do not have the discord rank is because it is a US server and I am from UK. The owners and head admins are only on during US hours. And when they are on I am at school so I have not been able to contact them about giving me the rank.
  13. Ilikepie7456

    Ilikepie7456 Member

    I never said discord... I said forums which you have to have to become mod. Also they do stuff fast.
  14. ProGamerMuaz11

    ProGamerMuaz11 New Member

    SkyBounds right now is busy in an update which will take them out of beta. They said in 2 weeks time they will not be as busy and start promoting mods on discord and the forums and in game. Not my fault they taking so long.
  15. SSMHaxxer

    SSMHaxxer Member Duke

    -1, lies about being moderator on a popular server. If they have proof, they can screenshot it and post it here.
    Too short.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 28, 2017, Original Post Date: May 28, 2017 ---
    And I'm going to throw it out there that in a few days time Pro will confess up that he's not 15.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 28, 2017 ---
    Can you also post your skybounds application? And maybe some screenshots of proof?
  16. Very suspicious...
  17. jharmen

    jharmen Well-Known Member Club Royale Duke Voting Expert


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