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Rank Transfers

Discussion in 'Server News' started by AncientWolf, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. AncientWolf

    AncientWolf Member Owner

    For players who are requesting for their ranks from Castle Wars (Old server) to move to Verruckt Prison,
    this is the process on how to do so.

    IMPORTANT: This rank transfer is permanent! If you do so, you will not have your rank on Castle Wars when the new version comes out, and this rank will not be transferable back to Castle Wars!

    Rank Transfer:

    #Note: We check to ensure you have the rank through purchase history. Trying to scam may get your forum account banned for Fraud.

    Leave a comment with the format:

    Rank: (This is the rank you want to be transferred over)

    Username: (At time of purchase)

    Username 2: (Current Username)

    Do you agree? (You must agree that you know this is permanent, and can never be undone, even if the server shuts down at any point.)

    If you are owed a voucher, message AncientWolf (me) in-game or on skype at: IHazSugar
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2017
  2. TTPIPisac

    TTPIPisac Member

    This is a rank I bought for friend #1, and I would like to transfer it to friend #2, as friend #1 does NOT play anymore

    Rank: Knight/Prospect

    Username 1 (Friend #1): Sucessful

    Username 2 (Friend #2): Kvlie

    Do you agree?

    Yes, I agree and am aware of all consequences that will happen.
  3. jharmen

    jharmen Well-Known Member Club Royale Duke Voting Expert

    Nope you aren't, you're drunk
  4. TTPIPisac

    TTPIPisac Member

    Very true : )
  5. gsun101

    gsun101 Member EMPEROR

    May you transfer my CastleWars Rank to Verruckt Prison?
    Rank: Emperor/Mastermind

    Username: gsun101

    Username 2: gsun101

    Yes, I do agree
  6. TTPIPisac

    TTPIPisac Member

    that's flamedestructor's*
  7. LouisDaBoss

    LouisDaBoss Member Club Royale EMPEROR

  8. EarthDestructor

    EarthDestructor New Member

    WAIT NO MORE CASTLE WARS?? Plz don't get rid of my Knight Rank...
  9. jharmen

    jharmen Well-Known Member Club Royale Duke Voting Expert

    1 month later....


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