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MineRoyale Official Rules

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Rules' started by MineRoyale, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. MineRoyale

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    Jan 6, 2019
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    In order for all players to have a positive experience on the MineRoyale Network, we have rules set in place to protect everyone. MineRoyale's rule system is designed to have a fair justice system. Staff is properly trained to handle all rule violations, and are required to log serious offenses. If at any time you feel you have been improperly punished, please apply for a punishment appeal. If you suspect foul play was involved, create a player report immediately.

    The Warning System

    Warnings are issued by our staff members for minor violations of our rules.
    Our policy for warnings are three are free, four no more.

    Every warning expires 2 weeks from the date you received it.
    An expired warning will still display into MPS. (MineRoyale Protection System)

    Here are the consequences of receiving warnings:
    1-3 Warnings: Logged into MPS
    4 Warnings: 15 Minute Mute
    5 Warnings: 1 Hour Mute
    6 Warnings: 3 Hour Mute
    7+ Warnings: 12 Hour Mute

    Violating rules on the website will give you warning points and your post may be modified or deleted.
    Warning points expire 1 month from the date you received them.

    Accumulating excessive warning points will lead to account restrictions:

    15+ Warning Points: Your account is pubically set to Limited. You will not be able to post new threads, use reactions, or post images. Other aspects of your account will also be limited.

    25+ Warning Points: You will be permanently banned from our forums.

    The Rules

    Minor Offenses:
    1. Bypass | A bypass is considered exploitation of our chat filters. This includes, but is not limited to: modifying a not allowed word to avoid our chat filters, spelling a word in a different way that still sounds/appears as a not allowed word, and saying a not allowed word in multiple messages.
    Swearing in private messages (unless these messages are unwanted by the recipient) and gang/faction chat is allowed.
    [SERVERS] A Warning
    [WEBSITE] 2 Warning Points

    2. Spam | A message with no meaning and only intended to fill chat/forums, repetitive words/sentences that fill chat/forums, or excessive messages in a short period of time.
    [SERVERS] A Warning
    [WEBSITE] 2 Warning Points Per Post

    3. Mentioning Another Server | Saying another server's name or identity not related to MineRoyale, or saying an IP address in a non-malicious way. This is allowed in private messages and gang/faction chat.
    [SERVERS] Verbal warning, and if continued a MPS warning.
    [WEBSITE] 3 Warning Points

    Moderate Offenses:
    1. Harassment | Intentionally annoying/bothering a player who has asked for you to stop messaging them.
    (/MSG ONLY)
    [SERVERS] 2 Hour Mute
    [WEBSITE] 5 Warning Points

    2. Vulgar | Defined as "making explicit or offensive reference to sex or bodily functions; coarse and rude"
    [SERVERS] 1 Hour Mute
    [WEBSITE] 5 Warning Points

    3. Trolling | Messages and behavior that can be considered toxic. This includes a new player joining and attempting to violate as many rules as possible, or generally trying to cause an annoyance to players.
    Typically, this punishment should only be given to new players.
    [SERVERS] 12 Hour Mute
    [WEBSITE] 10 Warning Points

    4. Rat Link | Attempting to get a player to visit a website/link that has a jump scare, malicious software, vulgar, or anything that would be considered not safe for work.
    [SERVERS] 1 Day Mute
    [WEBSITE] 10 Warning Points

    SEVERE Offenses:
    1. Hate Speech | There is a ZERO tolerance policy for hate speech. This includes homophobia, transphobia, racism, religious hate, and gender identity. A hateful slur by itself is considered bypass.
    [SERVERS] 1 Week Mute
    [WEBSITE] 15 Warning Points

    2. Advertising | Posting a website link, name, or IP to another server with the malicious intention of making players from MineRoyale leave to go to another server.
    [SERVERS] 1 Week Mute
    [WEBSITE] 15 Warning Points

    3. Modified Client | Any modification to the vanilla Minecraft client that gives an unfair competitive advantage. This includes, but is not limited to: x-ray, any PvP assistance tool, auto clickers, minimaps showing players, tracers, unnatural movement, etc.
    [SERVERS] 1 Month Ban

    4. Threats | A threat is considered referencing, or telling another player that they themselves, their family, or property will be injured, destroyed, or violated in any way. This includes threats relating to DDos, revealing personal information, etc.
    [SERVERS] 1 Week Mute (any additional will result in a permanent mute)
    [WEBSITE] 15 Warning Points

  2. VictorEAJ

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    Mar 12, 2019
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    Thank you! This will be helpfull for every player on the Network!

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